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Ornery, Scandalous, and Evil. Most Definitely.

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101 cafe, 60's mod, 9 chickweed lane, albacore club-slip 5, all things canadian, almost famous, answering questions, arrested development, art deco, beatniks, being evil, ben 10: alien force, ben folds(five), bitching, black dresses, blaine capatch, cameron crowe, cardigans and eyeglasses, celebrity centre sweatpants, cheesy makeout songs, cipes and the people, conan o'brien, concerts, contradicting myself, corrupting the innocent, designer handbags, edward norton, eels, entertainment weekly, excess, extra pickles, felicity, finding trouble, fiona apple, franklin at bronson, friday night lights, geeks, girly squeefests, gossip, greasy spoons, greg cipes, guitarists, haute couture, having coffee/tea, hawksley workman, hey guys-you found it!, high drama, high heels, interracial marriage, it's from target!, jason dohring, jeopardy!, john fluevog, jon brion, jude, judge marilyn milian, kevin and bean, kevyn aucoin, knitting, knowing everything, kurt cobain, largo, laughing really loudly, law enforcement, left-wing politics, logan echolls, long-haired chihuahuas, los angeles fashion scene, loudon wainwright iii, lusting for adam levine, lyrics, martha wainwright, matt saracen, mexican culture, mike bibby, mindy kaling's blog, miuccia prada, nba basketball, newspaper comics, obsessing, old 97's, old hollywood glamour, omgsway!, ontd-ing, over-inflated egos, papillons, phoenix suns, pisces, pissing off lakers fans, preferring hollywood, prison mike, project runway, rhett miller, rock star attitude, rufus wainwright, sacramento kings, saltine crackers, san diego: 90-minutes-or-less, scott foley, seedy underbellies, sephora, shoe shopping, short-haired steve nash, siamese dream, singer/songwriters, singing in the car, stand-up comedy, surprises, taking 12 pictures, team logan, teddy thompson, teen angst, text messaging, the beatles, the boondocks, the mob, the smashing pumpkins, the troubadour, the way to happiness, the white stripes, those weasley twins, tivo, trading music, travel, veronica mars, vintage anything, vm meta, wassily kandinsky, watching hold 'em, weddings, weezer, when the pawn, winning at blackjack, winter, world domination, yelling at the television, yellow filming signs, zac posen